Why Buy Now?

Ghost Ride Productions attends one trade show a year – HAA!

Limited Time Offer

Our production schedule runs lightly early in the year as we prepare our new lineup of products for the March tradeshow. Post show we are in full production through the start of the haunt season (early October) – once we have filled our production slots, we cannot take any new orders until after the season.


Get on our production schedule by ordering at the HAA Show!


The HAA show is the only tradeshow we attend, and therefore, the only opportunity for a discount on your order – if you buy online, there is no discount.

This year, we have a $2,000 minimum order at the tradeshow.

If you purchase $2,000 or more we will take 15% off your total.

Please keep in mind that your order total at the show does not including shipping fees. We will add shipping fees and call you to collect the balance, 2 weeks prior to shipping your order.


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